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What We Eat in a Day : Markus Rothkranz & Cara Brotman

What Markus and Cara eat in a day. You’ll probably be surprised. Yes it’s raw vegan. But how much, when and what? Enjoy!

You can eat less, have more energy, and your body, and mind, will perform more effectively…if you eat the right foods and apply the correct strategy. In the mornings, allow your body to get its energy from your stored fat. You can do this by exercising before eating, and drinking water or tea with no sugar. Periodic fasting is great for you.

“You want your body to run off the fat” The main type of fat we consume, triglycerides are especially suited for energy storage because they pack more than twice as much energy as carbohydrates or proteins.

“When you wake up in the morning you just have your fat to work off of”. “When you exercise, after fasting, your adrenalin is high and your insulin is low,” said Peter Hespel, a professor of exercise physiology at the University of Leuven in Belgium. “That ratio is favorable for your muscles to oxidize, break down, more fatty acids.” Hespel said that people who exercise without having eaten burn more fat than they would if they had grabbed a bite beforehand.

Cara on fasting: “It’s really important to give your body a break so that the cells in our bodies can repair themselves”. After a few days of the fast, higher levels of endorphins appear in the blood, making you more alert and giving an overall feeling of general mental wellbeing.

Numerous studies have shown that eating less, fasting, can expand lifespan 30% when eating good nutritional food. Research on intermittent fasting demonstrates fasting can increase life span, improve how the brain works, and protect against disease; but most of those claims are based on research conducted in animals like rats and mice. Among high-quality human studies, intermittent fasting appears to improve stress resilience at a cellular level, resulting in fewer spikes and troughs in blood sugar, cortisol, and other markers of oxidative stress.

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