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Cara Brotman picks Silk Tassel, great for Pain Relief, Cramps

Cara Brotman excitedly picks her favorite plant Silk Tassel, a very bitter but powerful muscle relaxer and pain reliever that grows in the desert southwest mountains. “Silk Tassel”, a bush and binomial name of Garrya, can be ingested, after it is powdered, with water. It’s effects are similar to morphine as it can reduce soreness or pain. A reasonable dosage would be a spoonful in a glass of water.

Modern Uses >> Today, Garrya Leaf is best known as a good muscle relaxant. It is very effective in easing pains related to menstrual spasms, all kinds of ducts cramping, gut cramps from food poisoning and similar pains. Garrya Leaf is also used externally for wounds, painful inflammation, cuts, and other minor scratches and bruises. It has the capability to reduce and eliminate pain from these minor mishaps when utilized as a poultice or when applied as a tincture or ointment to unbroken skin. Garrya Leaf has other important uses that modern herbalists have yet to identify and prove.

Herbal Actions:A dependable smooth and skeletal muscle relaxant. Having fairly strong actions, consider this herb more medicinal than tonic.
Therapeutic Uses:My clinical experience has been working with menstrual cramps and it was quite helpful. It is best used for short term acute pain and cramping conditions: there are better relaxants for chronic issues. It should also be considered for short term relief of excess tension in the lower third of the trunk: liver-gall bladder, UTI, digestive cramping, kidney stones.

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